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Is building or renovating affordable housing units your strong suit, or does your passion lie in making sure affordable units are available to your target clients?
Bring your concept for new units to us and see how seamlessly we can bring your vision to reality. Need to renovate and don’t know where to begin? Relax – we can take care of that too! Construction and renovations that are affordable, safe, and tailor-made for your target clients. With us on board, building or renovating affordable housing units does not need to be your strong suit, but we do want you to keep that passion for your clients!

Building affordable housing units is getting more and more complex. Our team will help you acquire land, manage the drawings, design and revision phase, and get the project through the proof of concept and approval stages.  We will then deliver a quality building on time and on budget.  Need help after you have the keys in hand, we do that too.  We’ll equip you with the right governance structure for your organization, toolkits to help you take care of your asset,…


  • Land acquisition
  • Drawing, designs and revisions
  • Proof of concept approvals
  • Financial approvals
  • Zoning approvals
  • Construction management
  • Asset (building) management
  • Replacement and capital reserve
  • planning
  • Governance
  • Operational toolkits
  • Training

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